4 Things You Need To Know About Windows 10 In Case You Own A Company

4 Things You Need To Know About Windows 10 In Case You Own A Company

Windows 10 is the ultimate experience from Microsoft company, and so far it showed great performance both in business and in recreation aspects. However, Windows 10 has some things that people will not like – incompatibility with some software. Poor privacy measures and few other things that business professionals already mentioned. imageHowever, Win 10 is truly a remarkable platform for business development. Just try to remember these things before you switch your business to Win 10 platform.

Verify compatibility before buying Windows 10

Before you decide to switch to the Win 10, make sure that the software you use for your business is compatible with Windows 10. For example, QuickBooks 2015 was not compatible with Win 10 at all in the beginning, but due to the high number of QuickBooks’ users. Some developers decide to create a patch that will fix the issue. An upgrade for this software is available now, but it was too expensive, especially for small business companies. So, before you go on with Win 10, check the server’s environment for your business and the software you will be using, to avoid possible incompatibility issues.

Privacy issues – auto synchronizing problem

Privacy is the subject that matters most to all of us. There is a glitch in Win 10 development, where the Win 10 syncs all your data as soon as you sign in into Microsoft account.
All your saved mobile devices, apps, browser history, and passwords will be automatically transferred to a cloud. Although the cloud is safe, some people don’t like this security measure. Unfortunately, there is no update or patch for fixing this.

Traditional Windows users will have a hard time to get used to the new look

Win 10 looks different from all the prior Windows versions – expect that your employees will have problems with the new design. Whether you are trying to set a new network or just want to find something in Control Panel, an average user will need more time to find the desired option.

To avoid possible problems. It is recommended to hire a professional who will train your employees and explain them all the new things Win 10 has to offer.

Create a backup of your data before starting with

Although an upgrade cannot cause data loss. It is recommended to create a backup no matter what you do. You don’t want to lose your data in case the upgrade process goes wrong. Also, a small test of compatibility after the upgrade should be performed to see if everything works well.