Google – The Giant In The Sea Of Search Engines With $75 Billion Of Annual Revenue

Google – The Giant In The Sea Of Search Engines With $75 Billion Of Annual Revenue

Google is the best search engine so far and a vast number of highly-skilled IT experts who devoted their time to creating the biggest engine for search managed to create the very precise search engine. This part of Google makes everything easier for us when we search for something. The algorithm that Google uses is a sum of complex mathematical formulas that calculate the possible result, depending on the type of variables that serve as input data. This type of algorithm requires years of expertise so you can imagine what kind of professionals work for Google. However, there is the other side of Google that makes, even more, money than the name Google. We will talk about AdWords and AdSense Network in this article.

AdWords And Search Advertisements

In 2015, Google reported the $75 billion revenue from the advertising service. More than half of money was from Google’s websites. So what is the catch? When you search the Google, Google gives you the results which are important to you according to Google.

To perform this task and give you the most precise results, Google uses its algorithm and presents the most precise results, along with suggested results that could be of any use to you. So how could you be in the top searched results? Simply by paying – you pay Google every time someone clicks on the advertisement.┬áThose clicks could be worth few cents but also over $50, depending on the level of competition for a specific term or business. So Google’s logic is: you pay me to drag more attention to your business. Simple as that.

A large AdSense Network that creates more money

Google also gave a chance to non-Google web sites to be top ranked. A visitor clicks on an advertisement and part of the revenue is paid directly to the owner of the site where the visitor clicked, while a small fee gets Google. In 2015 AdSense made $15 billion of Google’s total ad revenue. So as you see, the numbers are quite high and no wonder that Google is one of the best business models in the world. The best part is that AdSense Network does not stop growing – it expands its network every day and creates more money for the users and Google company.